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Kate Ryan - “Babacar”: It fits her like a glove

France Gall… Kate Ryan… We can compare those 2 absolutely different singers from completely different generations, but… It is a fact Kate is one of the most successful cover makers in the world. “Desenchantee” and “Libertine” by Mylene Farmere, “The Promise You Made”/”La Promesse” by Cock Robin, “Voyage Voyage” by Desireless and a European pop-smash “Ella Elle L’a” - all those songs by Kate Ryan had an impact on the charts and were covers! Who else in the world has that amount of covers in their hit box?

A lot of people on You-Tube say Kate has no talent and can only recycle old hits, but I don’t think so.. In my opinion she’s an extremely talented musician, the one to have tamed the piano and the guitar and more importantly her most precious gift - voice. Her original tracks may be underestimated in Europe, Canada and US, but at least she’s still producing high-quality music with that famous Kate Ryan flavor.

"Babacar", another France Gall cover… The song is indeed HER song as if it had been written specially for her.